Inland from the Shipwreck Coast is the south-western district of Victoria, one of the state's most productive farming areas.

In the east, the rainforests and bushland of the Otway Ranges offer bushwalking trails and picturesque waterfalls. Visit Melba Gully by day to see ancient rainforest trees, forest birds and plants, and return at night to see glow-worms festooning the gully walls with eerily-beautiful blue pinpoints of light.

Rolling farmlands around Timboon and Cobden produce superb-quality dairy produce; elsewhere along the coastal hinterland, flatter farmlands grow potatoes, peas, sunflowers and other crops, as well as farming beef and dairy cattle, sheep for both wool and meat, and more exotic animals, including buffalos, ostriches and alpacas.

North of the Coast lie the volcanic plains of southern Victoria; built up over past ages from countless lava flows, some parts of the plain are recent enough to retain significant volcanic features. Rising above the mostly flat plain are the mountainous cinder cones of volcanoes -- some active as 'recently' as 5,000 years ago. Huge sunken craters, formed by gigantic volcanic explosions, are now tranquil lakes, perfect for water-skiing and fishing.

The towns dotted throughout the hinterland have much to offer visitors: buildings that reflect the prosperous history of the area, delightful pubs and cafes that are perfect for an afternoon tea break on a country drive, and a variety of arts, crafts and local produce at very attractive prices.